17 - 21 October 2017
at the Maskers' Studio Theatre


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The Maskers' Studio Theatre

Off Emsworth Road, Shirley, Southampton


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Director's Notes

Anne Carson has produced a beautiful new translation of Sophokles’ classic Greek tragedy originally written 2,500 years ago. She has managed to bring the language up to date without losing any of the lyricism of the original.

It is a powerful play hinging on the rights of the individual versus those of the State. Antigone sees her two brothers killed in battle fighting against each other. The king and Antigone’s uncle, Kreon, issues an edict that Eteokles, who fought to defend the city, should be buried with full honours whilst his brother Polyneikes, who attacked the city, should be left unburied on the battlefield.

Antigone decides that she must defy Kreon and bury her brother. She dares to stand up to an authoritarian ruler and say “No.”

This act of defiance triggers a sequence of events that will ultimately lead to a cycle of destruction from which there is no escape.

Sophokles had written a tragedy that would become a template for others, including Shakespeare, to follow.

Aristotle repeatedly quoted Antigone in his philosophical treatise and it is still used in philosophy today.

It is remarkable to think how little we have learned in the last 2,500 years. We have still not resolved this very basic, but important, question; “Who has the right, the individual or the State?”

Antigone is very much a play for today and, in Anne Carson’s powerful translation, a very human one as well.
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The Director
Ken Hann




The Cast (in order of appearance)

Radio newscaster played by David Pike

Antigone played by Sarah-Jayne Wareham

Ismene (sister of Antigone) / Chorus played by Kate Grundy-Garcia

Kreon (King of Thebes and Antigone’s uncle) played by Matt Avery

Guard / Chorus played by Eric Petterson

Haimon (son of Kreon, betrothed to Antigone) / Chorus played by Robert Osborne

Teiresias (a prophet) / Chorus played by Sheana Carrington

Euridike (wife of Kreon) /Chorus played by Maria Head

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The Crew
Production Manager :  Graham Buchannan
Stage Manager :  Angie Barks
Assistant Stage Manager :  tbd
Set Design :  tbd
Lighting Design :  Tom Foyle
Sound Design :  Jamie McCarthy
Costume Design & Wardrobe :  tbd
Properties :  tbd
Lighting Operator :  Tom Foyle
Sound Operator :  tbd
Set Construction :  tbd
Lighting Consultant :  Clive Weeks
For The Company
Technical Manager:- Jamie McCarthy; Marketing Director:- Ruth Kibble; Marketing Team:- Sarah Russell, Angela Stansbridge, James Norton, Clive Weeks, Robert Osborne, Meri Mackney; Front of House Manager:- Chris Baker; Front of House Display:- Meri Mackney; Box Office Manager:- Chris Baker; Photography:- Clive Weeks; Bar Manager:- Meri Mackney
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Ticket Prices and Details

Tickets £9.50
No concessions



No Flier Produced

(available after the run)


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