Let It Snow, Let It Snow, Let It Snow
8, 9 & 11 - 16 December
at The Maskers Studio Theatre

Let It Snow, Let It Snow, Let It Snow

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8, 9, & 11 - 16 December

The Maskers' Studio Theatre

Off Emsworth Road, Shirley, Southampton


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Setting the Scene

Let it Snow, Let it Snow, Let it Snow or Mayhem at Crossleigh Manor, is our usual mix of Christmas-related songs, poems and prose readings, topped off with a Victorian melodrama and ending with a selection of carols. This show guarantees to send you home full of the Christmas spirit – and not just because of the free glass of mulled wine!
The show follows a group of carol-singers who have decided to try their luck at an outlying manor house only to find it deserted and themselves cut off by the heavily falling snow. Nothing daunted, our group set out to explore the manor house and find that the old family were also keen on Christmas merriment. They decide to entertain themselves by putting on a show in the style of the Victorian inhabitants of the house.
Among the many poems and readings they find is a Victorian melodrama, Mayhem at Crossleigh Manor, apparently written about the house in which they find themselves. They decide to perform this in full, using costumes and props they have found in the house. Is it their imagination or are there now more people than they started with?
We hope the audience will join in with any of the songs they know. Song sheets will be provided for the carols at the end.

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The Director & Author
Meri Mackney

Meri has been a Masker for many years and has been involved with a large number of productions both on and off-stage, indoor and open-air. She has been in and/or directed several of the Christmas shows and is really enjoying the particularly light-hearted nature of this year’s show, which she scripted (with some help from the cast) as well as directed.

The Cast

Chris Baker
Chris is a long-standing member of the company, having been involved with many productions both on and off stage; she is currently the treasurer. Her last appearance was as Helen Dixon in Ten Times Table at the Nuffield Theatre. She is glad to be involved once again with our Christmas presentation.

Jill Desborough
Jill has been a Masker since 2014 and is delighted to be involved once again in the Christmas Show – her third since joining. In that time, she has also had roles in a touring production of Richard II, Metamorphosis at Maskers Studio and two outdoor shows at Hamptworth Lodge, Jungle Book and Pygmalion. She is looking forward to rehearsing and performing with a lovely group of people – but facing the challenge of displaying her dubious prowess on the piano with some trepidation!

Jo Fox
Jo has been an active Masker for 10 years and has played a variety of roles, including a lady in waiting in Anne Boleyn, Gwendolen in The Importance of Being Earnest and a monkey in The Jungle Book. The Maskers’ Christmas show really helps to kick off the most wonderful time of the year and Jo is looking forward to getting into the Christmas spirit during rehearsals and having fun with some singing and dancing, as well as acting.

Bonnie Kaye
Bonnie has loved performing for as long as she can remember. She spent a lot of her youth acting at the Nuffield Theatre in shows such as The Great Gromboolian Plain, Skellig, and The Red Red Shoes. Bonnie made her debut for Maskers at last year's Christmas show Mistletoe Junction. Since then she has enjoyed playing a flirty French maid in An Italian Straw Hat and is looking forward to playing a flirty upper-class Lady in this year's Christmas show Let It Snow, Let It Snow, Let It Snow.

Robert Osborne
Robert’s first ever role with Maskers was as a stage manager on the 2011 Christmas show Jingle Bells. In the last six years he has taken on a variety of roles, both offstage and onstage, and now comes back to the Maskers’ Christmas show where it all started. He recently appeared as Haimon in Antigone at Maskers studio and will step into the director’s role for the first time in October 2018, directing Happy by Robert Caisley. 

Eric Petterson
Eric started a late acting/singing career as the guard in Forward to the Right and Jack in The Weir. He played Gaunt in a touring version of Richard II and enjoyed picking up young ladies in The Yalta Game. He was Jo Gargery, Wemick and Drummel, sometimes in the correct costume, in Great Expectations, and a particularly bolshie guard in Antigone.

Jonathan Shepherd (Not Saturday 9th December performance)
Regular attendees at Maskers’ Christmas shows may recognise Jonathan from his appearance in Room at the Inn in 2015. In that show he played a variety of characters, including a dashing young RAF pilot, and Father Christmas! Jonathan has also appeared in a selection of other Maskers’ shows over the years, including Pride and Prejudice (2007), Ann Boleyn (2013) and Our Town (2014).

Jonathan Marmont (Saturday 9th December performance only)
Jonathan played Gregor Samsa in Metamorphosis for which he received the Best Actor In A Drama Curtain Call Award for 2016, followed by a stint at The Mayflower Theatre in Southampton in An Inspector Calls.  Also in 2016, he played Professor Higgins in Pygmalion.  This year roles include Boby in An Italian Straw Hat at The Nuffield and Mr. Darcy in Pride & Prejudice for RAODS.  He was back in the open air at Hamptworth Lodge playing Phileas Fogg in Around The World In 80 Days. It’s been a busy couple of years!  Jonathan enjoys playing a wide variety of characters which is just as well as Michal in The Pillowman (RAODS) could not be more different to any role he has played before. He is relishing the Christmas spirit that this current production will bring.

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The Crew
Production Manager :  Christine Baker
Stage Manager :  Kathryn Salmon
Assistant Stage Manager :  tbn
Set Design :  Zoe Harris
Lighting Design :  Clive Weeks
Sound Design :  Tom Foyle
Costume Design & Wardrobe :  Cast
Properties :  Cast
Lighting Operator :  David Cowley
Sound Operator :  tbn
Set Construction & Painting :  Steve Russell, Clive Weeks, Eric Petterson, Adam Taussik, Meri Mackney, Brian Stansbridge, Christine Baker, Jo Iacovou, Jill Desborough
For The Company
Technical Manager:- Jamie McCarthy; Marketing Director:- Sarah Russell; Marketing Team:- Ruth Kibble, Angela Stansbridge, James Norton, Clive Weeks, Robert Osborne, Meri Mackney; Front of House Manager:- Chris Baker; Front of House Displays:- Meri Mackney; Box Office Manager:- Chris Baker; Photography:- Clive Weeks; Bar Manager:- Meri Mackney
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Ticket Prices and Details

Maskers Studio £9.50

No concessions at Maskers Studio.

Ticket price includes a glass of Mulled wine or fruit Juice and a mince pie.





(available after the run)


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