Jean Anouilh, translated by Christopher Fry

The Maskers presented The Lark at the Nuffield Theatre, Southampton from Tuesday 12th October to Saturday 16th October 1971. The production was designed and directed by John Mitchell.                                                      

HISTORICAL NOTE:  In 1420 the Treaty of Troyes rounded off the latest phase of the Hundred Years War by disinheriting the Dauphin and placing most of northern France either under English occupation or under the rule of England's ally, the Duke of burgundy.  By 1429 the Dauphin, Charles VII, had established his exiled court at Chinon.  Charles was uncertain of his legitimacy, his government was inefficient, and morale in the southern provinces was verging on panic since the beginning of the English siege of Orleans.  This was the situation when Joan of Arc came to Chinon in February of that year: within six months she had accomplished her mission of raising the siege of Orleans and marching victoriously to Rheims for Charles's coronation.  The moral effect of this triumph was enormous, but this was the end of Joan's success.  The French assault of Paris failed, and in May 1430 Joan was captured by the English, who decided to discredit Charles by trying her for witchcraft at Rouen. 

The Cast

        Joan               Sue Eatwell
        Warwick               Beckett Pennington Legh
        Cauchon               David Pike
        Inquisitor               David Bartlett
        Promoter               Graham Buchanan
        Brother Ladvenu               Ray Green
        The Father               Peter White
        The Mother               Molly Manns
        the Brother               Martin Stannard
        Beaudricourt               Ken Spencer
        Boudousse               Keith Hooper
        Charles               Peter Neve
        Yolande               Joy Steele
        The Queen               Sandy White
        Agnes Sorel               Frances Dudley
       Archbishop               Ken Hann
       La TrĂ©mouille               Stephen Rake
       Page               Carol Darrock
       La Hire               Tony McCafffry
       Executioner               Dave Phillips
       English Soldiers               David Dudley, Bob Richardson

For The Maskers

        Director               John Mitchell
        Stage Manager               Colin Strange
        Assistant Stage Managers               Ron Avery, Connie Alderman
        Wardrobe Mistress               Serena Brown
        Assistant Wardrobe Mistress               Jo Bartlett
        Lighting Designer               Derek Jones
        Lighting Operators               Roger Lockett, Bill Sloman
        Sound Technicians               Geoff Grandy, John Schwiller, Rodney Stratford
        Properties               Sonia Morris, Avril Woodward, Lewis Yapp
        Publicity               John Carrington
        Photographs               Serena Brown