Three Sisters


Anton Chekhov and directed by Ron Stannard

The Maskers Theatre Company presented "Three Sisters" by Anton Chekhov (English translation by Ronald Hingley) and directed by Ron Stannard at the Nuffield Theatre, Southampton from Wednesday 2nd June to Saturday 5th June 1971.

The Southampton Evening Echo wrote:

"Three Sisters" is one Chekhov's more frequently performed works, and it has an appeal that seems to belie the play's irresoluteness and lack of drive. It never seems to get anywhere and hangs on the mere thread of a plot. But that is in part what "Three Sisters" is about -- a tale of the waste of youthful talent and boredom in a boring social structure, of thwarted ambition in a small provincial Russian town.

So the apparent weakness becomes its strength, and is exploited with pathos in the Maskers' production at the Nuffield Theatre this week. The play moves quietly among the lives of the three sisters who seek but never find happiness in their seemingly futile lives; but also moves out among a host of characters who add to the production's effect.

Two who stood out especially, I thought were James Smith, as a Russian colonel and Frances Dudley as Natasha, wife of the sisters' brother. The three sisters are played by Mollie Manns, Meg Newin and Sheana Carrington. The show was a competent production by Ron Stannard.


Andrew Prozorov

David Pike

Natasha, His Fiancée, Later His Wife

Frances Dudley

Olga .

Mollie Manns


Meg Newin


Sheana Carrington

Theodore Kulygin, A Schoolmaster, Masha's Husband

David Bartlett

Alexander Vershinin, A Lieutenant-Colonel .

James Smith

Baron Nicholas Tuzenbakh, A Lieutenant

Graham Buchanan

Captain Vasily Solyony.

Peter Neve

Ivan Chebutykin, An Army Doctor

Kenneth Spencer

Aleksey Fedotik, A 2nd Lieutenant.

Ray Green

Vladimir Rodé, A 2nd Lieutenant .

Peter White

Ferapont, An Old Caretaker.

 John Lelliott

Anfisa, An Old Nurse

Serena Brown

A Maid

Sandra White

An Orderly.

Dave Dudley

James Smith Meg Newin Sheana Carrington Mollie Manns

For The Maskers

Directed by

Ron Stannard

Technical Director

Ron Tillyer

Assistant to the Director


Stage Manager

Terry Bennett

Assistant Stage Managers

Dave Dudley, John Greenhouse, Keith Hooper. Tony Miles, Michael Shailer, Neil Pickering


Colin Jurd, Ivan White


.Rodney Stratford, Geoff Grandy

Production Assistants 

Judy Rake, Caroline Reeves, Jenny Rodway, Miriam Rose

Wardrobe Mistress.

Jenny Lunn


John Carrington