Members Application Form

If you would like to become a member of the Maskers please complete the form below. Then send your payment for £30.00 to Membership Development Officer, 124 Millbrook Road East, Freemantle, SOUTHAMPTON, SO15 1JQ







Note: Please provide your name, full address including postcode, date of birth, email address and at least one phone number. We can not process your membership request without this information. thank you.

Please complete as much of the interests below as you can and then accept the declarations at the bottom of this form. Items in small grey text do not occur very often.

Brief description
I am INTERESTED in doing the following:
I have had EXPERIENCE in all the following:
Lead Assist
Production Management
Oversee the practical elements of a show and relieve as much pressure as possible from the director. Use of a computer and email essential. Call and chair production meetings to ensure communication between all depts. supporting the show.
To select a play to direct in consultation with the Productions Director, hold auditions and cast the play. Create a rehearsal schedule and run rehearsals.
Audition for any proposed play. Attend rehearsals as required. Perform on stage.
Sing either as soloist or chorus member during a production.
Dance during a production under the direction of the director or choreographer.
Wardrobe / Costume
Assemble or create costumes for a show, usually as part of a team, according to the costume design agreed with the director.
Set Design
Produce a set design in consultation with the director appropriate to both show and venue. Be prepared to oversee the construction of the set.
Set Building
Create the set which has been designed under the guidance of the set designer/workshop manager.
Set Painting
Paint the set which has been designed under the guidance of the set designer/workshop manager.
Lighting Design
Plan how a show is going to be lit, work with the director to determine artistic look and then decide which lanterns, where placed, what colours, and which cues are needed to achieve this.
Sound Design
Work with the director/ stage manager to decide on the appropriate sound equipment and effects required for a production. Arrange sound recording.
Lighting/Sound Technician
Hang and focus lamps, lay microphone and speaker cables, implement lighting and sound plans. Maintain equipment.
Lighting/Sound Operator
Run the lighting and sound during tech, dress and performances (push the buttons) as directed by a Stage Manager.
From the script and in consultation with the director work out what props are required for a particular show. Locate, borrow or buy the necessary props. Return the props after the show.
    Lead Assist Experience
Stage Management
Assemble a technical crew for the show. Mark up a script with all sound and lighting cues, plus any special effects. Take charge of the production from the technical rehearsal onwards. Organise and manage get-in and get-out.
Direct the sound/lighting/effects crew during the show.
Deputy Stage Manager
Call all cues during the run of the show for both actors and technical teams, while following directions from director and stage manager. Rolé often carried out by Stage Manager on smaller shows.
Stage Crew
Work under the guidance of the stage manager during the production run on- and behind-stage. For example moving scenery, setting scenes, etc.
As part of a team. Organise and oversee elements of our publicity functions – posters, advertising, press releases, inviting guests, etc.
Look after any children involved during a production. You must be licensed to do this but this can be arranged.
Box Office
Supervise ticket sales.
Front Of House Management
Organise the FOH ushers and programme sellers. Look after our audiences during performances.
Assist actors with their makeup. Research any specialist make up required.
If requested by director or committee to adapt scripts for performance or occasionally write original stage scripts. Rarely Required.
Music Composition
Compose music to be used in our productions if required and requested.
Able to play an instrument and/or have an interest in playing live music during a performance.
Social Organiser

Organise social events for the Maskers’ membership.

Bar Attendant
Serve pre-show, interval and post theatre drinks behind the bar. Instruction available. Very easy and sociable.
Administrative / Committee
Be prepared to take on a committee or management team role from marketing to secretarial to website to technical, amongst others.
    Lead Assist Experience
Van Driving under 7.5 tonne
Drive a van transporting scenery when we are performing away from the Studio.
Van Driving 7.5 tonne
Drive a very large van transporting scenery when we are performing away from the Studio. You can do this on a standard car licence if you passed your test prior to January 1997. Otherwise you need a category C1 licence.
Show Photography / Videography
Taking, editing and managing photographic and video records of shows for use in publicity, website and archives. (Equipment can be provided).
Website / Social Media / On-line maintenance
Maintaining website and various other on-line sites and on-line entries for promoting our shows and our society.

Workshop Management

Look after the storage of all set building materials and furniture, both in the studio and at the container.  To ensure set building space is maintained in the workshop area and all tools and tooling looked after. Liaise with Set Designers during set builds.

Studio Organisation Management

Manage the optimal use of the studio space during rehearsal periods. Organise setting out and removal of rostra and seating for each show. Liaising with Workshop manager, production managers and directors.
Buildings Maintenance
Help in maintenance of the Maskers premises with minor repairs, decoration and general maintenance of the building.
Other interest / area you are prepared to help - please specify

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Other interest / area you are prepared to help - please specify

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Please complete any additional relevant information:

Membership Agreement:

I wish to become a member of the Maskers Theatre Company and the Maskers Theatre Company Club. I agree to comply with the Rules of both the Company and the Club for use of the Maskers Theatre Studio. I understand that I am entirely responsible for my own safety and property at all times, and that neither the Maskers Theatre Company nor the Maskers Theatre Club will accept liability for injury or loss at any time or in any place. I understand that my details will be held by the Maskers Management Committee on the Maskers Database and Members List (which may be circulated to all Maskers members) and will be used only by members for Maskers related communications only and not for any other purpose, in accordance with the Data Protection Act. I agree that my image in photographs, and on film or video footage, in connection with productions, may be used for Maskers purposes, including posters, articles in newspapers and publications, the world-wide web and other promotions.

Note this section must be agreed to before membership can be considered.



Gift Aid Declaration (optional):

Provided you are a standard rate taxpayer you can increase the value of your subscription by declaring it as a donation under the Gift Aid Scheme. For each £1 of your subscription we are able to reclaim 28p from the tax-man. Unlike the old deeds of covenant, you are not tied into this arrangement for a specific number of years. If you wish to participate in this scheme, please complete the section below when returning your application form. I want the charity to treat all donations that I make to the charity as Gift Aid Donations from the date of this declaration until I notify otherwise.



Please check the form and when complete click the "Submit" button below. Please do not forget to send you joining fee and annual membership money to our Membership Development Officer (address at the top of the page). Thank you!