17 - 21 October, in Maskers' Studio Theatre

by Sophokles, translated by Anne Carson

“I am someone born to share in love not hatred!”

In Anne Carson’s wonderful new translation of this age old tragedy we see a family at war with itself and the State. A family living with the curse of their father Oedipus and now having to decide whether to honour, with burial, a brother killed attacking their city or, as the King wishes, leave him to dogs and birds on the battlefield.

Does the State have the right to tell us what to do or do we, as individuals, have the right to decide our own destiny? It is a question as old as time and as relevant now as it was then.

This translation was first performed in this country to great acclaim in 2015 with Juliette Binoche playing the title role.



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Let It Snow, Let It Snow, Let It Snow
8, 9, 11 - 16 December, at the Maskers' Studio Theatre

Have a merry start to the Christmas season with us!

A group of carol-singers have completed their usual tour of the village and decide to visit an outlying manor house when a blizzard starts.  Arriving at the manor house, and with the return journey effectively impossible in the snow, they take refuge inside the apparently deserted manor house.
Once inside, they have to find ways to keep themselves warm and entertained until the snow stops.
It seems the previous inhabitants of the manor also used to keep themselves amused at Christmas with songs and recitations – and even short plays.
Nothing daunted, our intrepid singers, set out to re-create the entertainments of the past. Who knows what gems they will uncover?

As usual, our ever-popular Christmas Show comes with a free glass of mulled wine (or fruit juice) and a mince pie.

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The Killing of Sister George
by Frank Marcus
2, 3, 5 - 10 March 2018, at the Maskers' Studio Theatre

June "George" Buckridge has it all. Beautiful girlfriend Alice "Childie" McNaught, who makes a mean scone. A plush award-filled flat overlooking Broadcasting House... and a star turn as district nurse Sister George in popular radio show "Applehurst".

On air she's warm and loving. Off-air, she indulges in power-play games with her partner Childie, swears like a soldier at anyone who crosses her path, and has been known to molest a nun or two. Well, it IS the Swinging Sixties, after all.

Such a shame, then, that her riotous behaviour has reached the ears of the BBC...

Who is going to be brave enough to tell George that she's fired? Will George ever have a career again? And will neighbour Madame Xenia ever stop interfering?

Frank Marcus's infamous play comes to the Maskers studio for 8 days only!
Step into George's domain and witness the pitch-black comedy that went on to shock the world.

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